Author Spotlight: Christopher Blake

Author spotlights are occasional Q&As with contributors. Christopher Blake is a writer from Ontario, Canada who spends his free time mostly reading, writing, and playing with his kitten, Phoebe.  Aside from science fiction and fantasy, Christopher also writes stories and essays in the medical humanities. 

Christopher Blake

Departure Mirror: Tell us a little about your Departure Mirror story.

Christopher Blake: I originally wrote this story for a flash fiction contest run by Clarion which had a 500-word limit.  I figured that it couldn’t be too many sentences and, always loving a pun, I realized that it might be fun to write a whole story chronicling the life of a couple of rogues and their various criminal sentences, told sentence by sentence.  A lot of my output is darker or more philosophical and it was a joyful experience to write something short, snappy, and fun.

DM: How did you become a writer?

CB: In short, perseverance. I’ve wanted to be a writer for more or less as long as I can remember.  When I was a kid I wrote mostly poetry but in high school I started writing short fiction with more regularity.  I read mostly science fiction and fantasy in my teens and early twenties but through reading the blogs of authors I respected, was introduced to a variety of other authors working in different genres whose work I learned from.  I’ve been a member of the online critiquing community for most of the last decade and have learned just as much from having my writing critiqued as I have from critiquing the writing of others. 

DM: What else are you passionate about?  Tell us about it.

CB: My day job is in Palliative Care and I’m passionate about supporting patients and their families to live well as they face life limiting illness.  In particular, I’m passionate about broadening the awareness of my field through public education so that people understand my job isn’t just about death and dying but about living and living well.

Thank you, Christopher! “Eleven Sentences” can be found in the Winter 2021 issue of Departure Mirror Quarterly. The issue is free to download and to read. If you love the story as much as we do, please tell your friends!