Issue 2

Departure Mirror issue 2 cover

Winter 2021

Table of Contents

Short Stories:
“Eleven Sentences” by Christopher Blake
“Shielded” by Tara Campbell
“Tabula Rasa” by P.A. Cornell
“A Homecoming for Four Will Sunderlands” by Anthony W. Eichenlaub
“A Preliminary Study of Humans Under Beastly Enchantments and COVID-19” by Mari Ness
“Watch Your Step” by Marie Vibbert

“The Bottle Tree” by Marie Brennan

“Reasonable Accommodations” by Nicole J. LeBoeuf
“Fetch” by Gerri Leen
“Cloak by Ralph Ellison” by Russell Nichols
“Text Alerts” by Baishampayan Seal

Released January 8, 2021

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