Issue 3

Issue 3 Cover

Spring 2021

Table of Contents

Short Stories:
“Flight of the Airship Vector” by C.R. Boltz
“Sirens of the City” by Patricia Court
“Reigning Cats and Human Doggies: How Humans Learned to Heel” by Alicia Hilton
“Techniques for Folding Time and Space to Fit Into Your Nightstand” by Brian
“Her Hair Flowed Downhill” by Osahon Ize-Iyamu
“The Whispering Well” by Mounia Lakehal Meribout
“Passover Fragments” by Martin L. Small

“Staying at a Martian House” by Hugh Allison
“By the Light of the Full Moon” by Jacob Bergstresser
“Under Tables” by Beth Cato
“First Contact” by May Chong
“A Moonlight Tree of Unrequited Love” by Russell Hemmell

Released April 5, 2021

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